210 Commits (master)

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  klaute e1218096d7 Visualizer reboot script added. 8 months ago
  klaute 9d605379e8 apt upgrade app tool modified to run the tasks in parallel. 8 months ago
  klaute 4317999a6d Bugfix - fixed the visualizer number in the visual load view. 8 months ago
  klaute 0901788ed8 Added the new visual load mainmenu. 8 months ago
  klaute 653acfd635 Added the visual node control menu to the CMGR software. Also added some commandline tools. 8 months ago
  klaute c238b05b22 Cleaned up the repo a bit. 9 months ago
  klaute 430203a993 Fixed some bugs. 9 months ago
  klaute ebf6aabe4f Bugfix 9 months ago
  klaute d99f85baff Bugfix 9 months ago
  klaute cc8aefd555 Hopefully removed all logger content. 9 months ago
  klaute 3d6ee43e86 rc.local update. 9 months ago
  klaute 55fa2e2f6d Some master config files updated. 9 months ago
  klaute a6d943387a logger and visualizer replaced by vis01/02 9 months ago
  klaute addcd7d9c5 New XOrg start menu item added to the cmgr. 9 months ago
  klaute d32b6eaba4 Try catch added to critical data read. 9 months ago
  klaute ec77a1ab35 New start cserver script added. 9 months ago
  klaute 4aeb8044c7 Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/ChinaCluster 9 months ago
  klaute b80af05d52 Grafana config update. 9 months ago
  klaute dd7d050055 Fixed rc.local 9 months ago
  klaute e370fb289d Working rc.local. 9 months ago
  klaute 8ca08f14db The rc.local files updated for the master and visualizer host. 9 months ago
  klaute 5dbd12d6e3 Grafana config modified. 9 months ago
  klaute 4da96dadd2 rc.local for visualizer host fixed. 10 months ago
  klaute 2936f6fccf Display variable added to the environment file. 10 months ago
  klaute 2cd915c3b7 Added the visualizer to the network load page in the cmgr. 10 months ago
  klaute 6c066c39d0 Modified the cmgr implementation to prevent misbehaviour because there is a new host logging onto the database. 10 months ago
  klaute c64efd7ad3 Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/ChinaCluster 10 months ago
  klaute 00a9f4e040 rc.local fixed. 10 months ago
  klaute f2669e0aa0 Grafana UI updated. 10 months ago
  klaute 8dcaac1ff8 Logging calls fixed. 10 months ago
  klaute d52f84e084 Visualizer added to the apt upgrade tool. 10 months ago
  klaute 125137a012 Swap added tofstab. 10 months ago
  klaute 00c23af171 Some more config files added to the visualizer host config folder. 10 months ago
  klaute 03acd60533 Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/ChinaCluster 10 months ago
  klaute dfa9d196b3 Visualizer host related files added. 10 months ago
  klaute 4d8ef35333 Visualizer host added to the control tools. 10 months ago
  klaute f04b65e3f8 Readme update 10 months ago
  klaute bee64b2e08 Grafana UI improved. 10 months ago
  klaute 2f2ecde149 Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/ChinaCluster 10 months ago
  klaute d169ab11c9 JSON file added which represents the grafana configuration. 10 months ago
  klaute 664496b2f9 checkCurrentLogger script call in the crontab of the logger host fixed. 10 months ago
  klaute 76df685432 Logger current logging functionality fixed (hopefully). 10 months ago
  klaute aa2176523a Some config files updated. 10 months ago
  klaute 7b5a323a7d mpirun alias removed. 10 months ago
  klaute c28af18695 Debug output removed. Baudrate reduced to 9600. Some error messages added. 10 months ago
  klaute f985825722 Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/ChinaCluster 10 months ago
  klaute 004dbe9035 Some debug output added. 10 months ago
  klaute 0fbb2637ef Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/ChinaCluster 10 months ago
  klaute 9cb5d3dc4c Delay modified. 10 months ago
  klaute 029ee0df9d DistCC and IceCC startup scripts modified to run other commands. 10 months ago