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  klaute ff14f0971e Reset to bootloader call added to makefile. Buffer data read function added. 1 year ago
  klaute e3989613bc Required fuse and lock bit screenshots added. 1 year ago
  klaute 50900956ad Multiplexer control script modified to get it working on windows. 1 year ago
  klaute 26ae3a7381 TODO message removed. 1 year ago
  klaute 2e19adb0b6 Unused datasheet removed. 1 year ago
  klaute a4fc0273c5 Code clean. 1 year ago
  klaute 0e1c9b85bd USB mux logger script fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute 05dc2bf06b It is now possible to set the device name of the control device in the muxctrl python script. 1 year ago
  klaute 550962d43a main.c file reverted. 1 year ago
  klaute f2837f8bfe The multiplexer control python script works fine now. 1 year ago
  klaute d9546a3120 A lot of untested modifications. 1 year ago
  klaute 45398caf80 First thoughts to implement the serial connection support. 1 year ago
  klaute 03632dfc10 Multiplexer control script added. 1 year ago
  klaute 0479d19b28 LED flashing mechanism added to RX/TX action for the first virtual serial channel. 1 year ago
  klaute a0b57e614f Merge branch 'hardware_v0.2' 1 year ago
  klaute 16256f0514 Part name position fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute d74c8dfcb2 Footprint position modified again, rerouting is also done. 1 year ago
  klaute 6ed750f639 New hardware release candidate v0.2's PCB is routed for the first time now. Looks good for the first view. 1 year ago
  klaute b29f7695d7 ISP header added, protection resistors placed and little other movement done. 1 year ago
  klaute 747fe86deb New function added to thow the current driver mux line. 1 year ago
  klaute 67cd43da1b Vee pin is now fixed to GND - previous connection to Vcc was wrong. 1 year ago
  klaute 9bbbce1061 Some resistors added to protext the multiplexers. 1 year ago
  klaute 3c6bfbfa39 Dos2Unix... 1 year ago
  klaute 105a43aa5f LED pin control macro and port config added. Some little bugfixes done. 1 year ago
  klaute 728e2af5bf Added a function to set the multiplexer input line. 1 year ago
  klaute 46a5668818 Source folder renamed. 1 year ago
  klaute 945a9c81c2 First mostly working - but untested - firmware include a working command parser baudrate modification functionality and also a untested bidirectional redirect ability for the second virtual serial device. 1 year ago
  klaute 5a0e74de7a Tabs replaced by spaces. 1 year ago
  klaute f0eeb38c49 Prepared to use UART. 1 year ago
  klaute 27f015ea00 Function declaration fixed. Makefile is correct configured now. 1 year ago
  klaute e4e6fc0df1 GND pins of the AVR are not connected in the last version - the PCB has to be updated. 1 year ago
  klaute 6c8eaafb74 Bootloader added. 1 year ago
  klaute acd6888882 PCB rerouted again. 0603 footprints replaced by 0805. 1 year ago
  Kai Lauterbach fa7ad1ad90 Peter Fleury uart lib added. Init call added to the project main files. 1 year ago
  Kai Lauterbach 8b8727970d ATMega32U4 datasheet added. 1 year ago
  Kai Lauterbach 8cd47bd802 LUFA Dual virtual serial demo added with some modifications. Also removed useless joypad and led code. Prepared to implement the required functionality. 1 year ago
  klaute e610ebe2f4 New library added and crystal replaced by new SMD 3 5 1 footprint. Routed again and some other problems fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute b510b5bc83 Routing detail files added. 1 year ago
  klaute b4aced332a PCB footprint positioning done. 1 year ago
  klaute 897cd24058 FTDI FT232RL replaced by a ATMega32U4. 1 year ago
  klaute 7a2a762489 Empty readme and license file added. 1 year ago
  lak2abt 49e70acea5 All files imported using a new name - original project was ChinaCluster. 1 year ago
  lak2abt db0c81249d All files imported using a new name - original project was ChinaCluster. 1 year ago
  lak2abt 7a7ed9b150 All files imported using a new name - original project was ChinaCluster. 1 year ago