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  klaute c543b6aba2 Modified the comments. ago%!(EXTRA string=5 months %!s(MISSING))
  klaute 27a2e64287 Removed the broken filter from the ADE-1 output. ago%!(EXTRA string=5 months %!s(MISSING))
  klaute c59dfbce4f Some more information added to the schematics. An capacitor added and a information added. ago%!(EXTRA string=10 months %!s(MISSING))
  klaute ca7b3a113b Net file added. ago%!(EXTRA string=10 months %!s(MISSING))
  klaute b6fa44db16 Two new datasheet added (crystal and mixer). Little changes in the schematics done. ago%!(EXTRA string=10 months %!s(MISSING))
  klaute 8732311b3a SBL1-1 replaced by ADE-1. Also added a switch to bridge the UpConverter schematic. New ADE-1 library added. ago%!(EXTRA string=11 months %!s(MISSING))
  klaute a0abdcf313 'README.md' hinzufügen ago%!(EXTRA string=11 months %!s(MISSING))
  klaute f9967d461c Some missing ground connection added. ago%!(EXTRA string=1 year %s)
  klaute 0d55b77cce Initial commit - the schematic was cplied from Funcube dongle UpConverter by M1GEO and G8OCV. ago%!(EXTRA string=1 year %s)