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  klaute f8cdddaab1 License information added. 1 year ago
  klaute 9d199a183e License file added. 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer babb176d0f Swap D11 and D12 1 year ago
  klaute 5629bf9d7a Bugfix for key status update problem. 1 year ago
  klaute 93ab795a44 Arduino Nano pinheader definition PNG added. 1 year ago
  klaute 6e786b167f Git ignore file added. 1 year ago
  klaute 6b1b7da517 keymatrix.c file splitted into some multiple files. keymatrix.ino file added for arduino test case. 1 year ago
  klaute 9af1f703bc Makefile and keymatrix.c files added. 1 year ago