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  klaute 8f107a8796 Backprobagation example added. 3 months ago
  klaute 1f390936d2 Number of processes to spawn reduced to 4 again. 1 year ago
  klaute 2a9e448024 Maybe the mutation counter seemes to be fixed now. Some comments added. 1 year ago
  klaute 126cf9fc7c Mutation counter shows up a value now, but its still not the correct value. 1 year ago
  klaute 5320e7eab8 Added a copy of the logic test script - it will be rewritten to manage the xor problem using a hidden layer in the neuronal betwork insteaf of one perceptron. 1 year ago
  klaute a9b20dc66f Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/evolutionary 1 year ago
  klaute 8992051368 Implementation modified to run using multiprocessing. 1 year ago
  klaute 5a66554c5b Merged 1 year ago
  klaute 0a722c8af4 Perceptron: Test implementation using a single perceptron - files moved. 1 year ago
  klaute df70da74a3 Some files moved. 1 year ago
  klaute 64660bebaf MPI implementetion test for the china cluster. 1 year ago
  klaute 625b189947 Debug output is now printed out by the last mpi rank/node. Some old comments removed. 1 year ago
  klaute 5279d5cc37 Some more debug output added. 1 year ago
  klaute 46b59dda4c New parameter added to modify the terminal output messages for file logging requirements. 1 year ago
  klaute 0ea9061642 Import path fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute a25105956d Some files moved. 1 year ago
  klaute e7b032f73c Some changes to get it work with python (using a terminal only). 1 year ago
  klaute 6bd425b970 Removed pde files. 1 year ago
  klaute f9658f0876 First try for a simple python perceptron. 1 year ago
  klaute f281f2c0aa Some processing files added that should be converted into python code. 1 year ago
  klaute 3dffb9d2e5 User information message added. 1 year ago
  klaute 3eafcdd9fd Mutation counter fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute 8c6a26b0ff Show plot option removed. 1 year ago
  klaute ff7be4a403 SaveHistory switch added and getHistory from mpi slave ranks removed. 1 year ago
  klaute 84012d8651 History generation disabled. 1 year ago
  klaute 69be8d8baf MPI hasSolution based function implemented. 1 year ago
  klaute a7f85b0e55 Some more bugs fixed in the mpi text evolve script fixed. Some other parts optimized for mpi based processing. 1 year ago
  klaute d9c7ec63e7 Some debug messages disabled. Calculation bug is still not fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute dc65b02772 Some bugs fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute 78c7eef19c Some data offord reduced. 1 year ago
  klaute 7ac94b684f Mutation rate bug fixed. Float fitness values removed. 1 year ago
  klaute d9c081eb35 Prepared to ron multiple command/data types. 1 year ago
  klaute a0d4c00839 Repository reorganized. Import fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute bb849acf46 MPI implementaion of the text genetic algo added. evolve.py just more generalized. 1 year ago
  klaute 15fecceeee DNA length calculation problem fixed. 1 year ago
  klaute 2d79698c06 Data evolve script improved and generalized a bit. A reimplementation added - evolve.py - which does no more contain a solution based implementation. 1 year ago
  klaute 82530ca00f Redundant code optimized. 1 year ago
  klaute 89c51bc56b Folder renamed. 1 year ago
  klaute e51f159b88 File name changed. 1 year ago
  klaute 2e18f25f94 Little changes in vode style. 1 year ago
  klaute e2c51e1d05 Show plot function added using matplotlib - requires a display. 1 year ago
  klaute c3e9f8c8d7 First working implementation of a genetiy algorithm added - it is possible to evolve a list of numbers only. 1 year ago