An alternative Ludum Dare entries viewer.
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(ns ldview.tasks.runner
(:require [ldview.tasks.scrape :as scrape]
[ldview.tasks.images :as images]
[me.raynes.fs :as fs]
[ldview.models.entry :as entry]
[ldview.models.competition :as competition]
[ldview.models.schema :as schema]
[ :as io]))
(defn delete-database! []
(let [db-file (str (io/resource-path) schema/db-store)]
(if (fs/exists? db-file) (fs/delete db-file))))
(defn initialize-file-structure! [competition-id]
(let [path (images/base-path competition-id)]
(if (fs/exists? path) (fs/delete-dir path))
(fs/mkdirs (str path "/thumbs/"))
(fs/mkdirs (str path "/fullscreen/"))
(fs/mkdirs (str path "/raw/"))))
(defn save-entry! [competition-id new-entry]
(if-not (entry/exists? (:ld_uid new-entry))
(entry/create! new-entry))
(doseq [image-url (:images new-entry)]
(let [id (:ld_uid new-entry)
number (last (first (re-seq #"shot([0-9]+)" image-url)))
raw-image-path (images/image-name competition-id "raw" id number)]
(if-not (fs/exists? raw-image-path)
(scrape/save-image-from-url image-url raw-image-path)
(images/sourceimage->fullscreen raw-image-path (images/image-name competition-id "fullscreen" id number))
(images/sourceimage->thumb raw-image-path (images/image-name competition-id "thumbs" id number)))))))
(defn fetch-all-content
(fetch-all-content (competition/latest)))
(fetch-all-content competition-id (dec (scrape/number-of-pages competition-id))))
([competition-id pages]
; TODO: Make it multithreaded
(doseq [page (range pages)]
(doseq [ld-uid (scrape/entries-on-page competition-id (inc page))]
(save-entry! competition-id (scrape/entry-details competition-id ld-uid))))))
(defn load-competition [competition-id]
(if-not (schema/initialized?) (schema/create-initial-tables))
(initialize-file-structure! competition-id)
(competition/create! competition-id (scrape/theme competition-id))
(fetch-all-content competition-id))
(defn reset-all! []
(fs/delete-dir (images/base-path))