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@ -853,11 +853,18 @@ The refresh() function can be used to only reload the ScriptCraft plugin (it's l
1. Disable the ScriptCraft plugin.
2. Unload all event listeners associated with the ScriptCraft plugin.
3. Cancel all timed tasks (created by `setInterval` & `setTimeout`)
3. Enable the ScriptCraft plugin.
... refresh() can be used during development to reload only scriptcraft javascript files.
See [issue #69][issue69] for more information.
By default, if `self` is defined at runtime, it checks, whether `self` is server operator, otherwise fails with message. This behavivor can be modified using `skipOpCheck` parameter (useful, if you are doing some custom premission checks before calling this function).
#### Parameters
* skipOpCheck (boolean - optional) : If true, the function won't check if `self` is server operator.
[issue69]: https://github.com/walterhiggins/ScriptCraft/issues/69
### addUnloadHandler() function