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Der Kartograph Map Generator

Generate your own maps for "Der Kartograph" easily.


  • 2021-03-25: First working version with a solid map generator. Output formats can be set to SVG, ASCII or JSON. The -web param will spawn a webserver with a nice GUI to generate maps and print them.


You need to build the source first. The simplest way is to use the provided Dockerfile, which will build the software and create a convenient image (This is a multi stage Dockerfile, so the resulting image is a small Alpine Linux image with just the map generator binary.)

$ docker build -t kartograph .


See all available options:

$ docker run -it kartograph -help

Spawn a webserver:

$ docker run -it kartograph -web

Generate a map with the seed "hey jim" and output it as a SVG image:

$ docker run -it kartograph -output=svg -seed='hey jim' > map.svg

You want an epic game? Lets generate a big map with a lot of wasteland and ruins:

$ docker run -it kartograph -seed=aaron \
      -size=20 -wastelands=100 -ruins=10 \
      -output=svg > map.svg