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package main
import (
func watchForConfigChanges() {
watcher, err := fsnotify.NewWatcher()
if err != nil {
defer watcher.Close()
done := make(chan bool)
go func() {
for {
select {
case event := <-watcher.Events:
log.Println("event: ", event)
if event.Op&fsnotify.Write == fsnotify.Write {
log.Println("modified file:", event.Name)
case err := <-watcher.Errors:
log.Println("error:", err)
// The configuration file need to be in the same directory as the binary.
// Later on, we can add other paths, where the file can be placed (like as a
// dotfile in the home directory or in the .config/n3rdpad/ folder or other
// places where windows will put it).
config_path, err := os.Getwd()
config_file := path.Join(config_path, "keymap.conf")
err = watcher.Add(config_file)
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("Can't find the 'keymap.conf' configuration file. Please create one.")
func main() {