97 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  klaute d99c4123cf Merged the last hardware v0.3 changes from the hardware_v0.3 branch. 7 months ago
  klaute af79b9851e New content to ignore added to git ignore file. 2 years ago
  klaute 6f822c238b Fixed the VID/PID in the inf file. 2 years ago
  klaute 28c2261f14 KDE specific hotkey example added. 2 years ago
  klaute 366279f037 The multikey modification is compilable now - the preprocessor define was missing. 2 years ago
  klaute eec7b62102 'firmware/main.c' ändern 2 years ago
  klaute 48b38d7f82 'firmware/fifo.h' ändern 2 years ago
  klaute dbac70ced5 'firmware/fifo.h' ändern 2 years ago
  klaute 2dee69a6ac 'firmware/main.c' ändern 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 2ffee76b0c Make some fine adjustments on the enclosure 2 years ago
  klaute 4f42309fb4 The submodules are hopefully gone now. 2 years ago
  klaute 0d75506527 Removed the git modules file. 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 62b17cfa63 Update submodule 2 years ago
  klaute e12974d429 TODO message removed. 2 years ago
  klaute a3e86d945e Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/n3rdpad 2 years ago
  klaute 11f0ab4e49 Firmware release added. 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer ab396b1057 Fix some minor position issues 2 years ago
  klaute 504482a346 HostReady state is manually set now - prevents the firmware to block until all data sent through the virtual serial device. 2 years ago
  klaute 97e054f1b0 Timer0 works now. Reset command added to the makefile. 2 years ago
  klaute 9abbf1b92c Simple n3rdpad control script added which is able to reset the device into the bootloader. 2 years ago
  klaute bd8e8870a7 Code clean. 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer cade31f5fe Adjust the drill holes and remove the small venting holes 2 years ago
  klaute 89a9096742 Untested modification done to prevent host spamming. 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 7ffe272540 Adjust the 3d model for the enclosure 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 3ef501c1f4 Add a 3d model for the enclosure 2 years ago
  klaute 90d86cf500 New keystroke delay added - the delay base time has to be defined and implemented and is not ready yet. 2 years ago
  klaute 4cd4675668 Sample key config data save function fixed. 2 years ago
  klaute 06f51e76a6 The key ID will now be sent through the virtual serial port to the agent, every time a key was pressed. 2 years ago
  klaute 1e162f3441 Some trouble using the EEPROM fixed - it is usable now. 2 years ago
  klaute a682ee7e7e Changed EEPROM access but it still dont work. 2 years ago
  klaute 31f9d8a6fe Two new functions added to the command control module. A reset AVR function is added. A function to generate a sample configuration is also added. 2 years ago
  klaute 4820945cd6 Address calculation fixed. 2 years ago
  klaute 63aa02639e Dos2Unix used. Zero VSerial write bug fixed. Redundant command ID definition removed. 2 years ago
  klaute 16e8a41dda Som const values rewritten as hex. 2 years ago
  klaute 2837603c4e First try to implement a binary communication finite state machine - works mostly fine but it is a lot of work to do. 2 years ago
  klaute c4de773539 Inital read of the key config from EEPROM enabled. 2 years ago
  klaute 443874c023 EEPROM address bug should be fixed now. 2 years ago
  klaute d2493fe2df Some missing files added. 2 years ago
  klaute eb7d87e7a5 Bootloader added. 2 years ago
  klaute 2081ef3d87 First implementaion of the sequence and agent data management/usage. 2 years ago
  klaute 3c45ab865a Definition of function added. 2 years ago
  klaute f6c0463488 Prodict ID replaced by the LUFA Virtual Serial ID. 2 years ago
  klaute d02e544eb2 A lot of tab chars replaced by spaces. 2 years ago
  klaute f68a74ca6b PDF representation of the schematic added. 2 years ago
  klaute 7f897341f6 The LED control module works fine now. The timing of the LED multiplexing functionality looks very good. The LED brightness is also ok for the first try. 2 years ago
  klaute c57f6d50c7 LED matrix code added - not full functional. 2 years ago
  klaute b6dd8ab3a0 Inf file update - not working properly. 2 years ago
  klaute 5e1e814643 First working VirtualSerial port which echo each incomeing data. 2 years ago
  klaute 409a5043c7 First working USB key code example added. 2 years ago
  klaute d72f8c2186 The atmega32u4 folder is now renamed to firmware. 2 years ago