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  Florian Eitel d383677b80
Add README.md file to firmware 5 months ago
  Florian Eitel 01d6737d60
Use NaN to signal no sensor values 5 months ago
  Florian Eitel 007d2e4e73
Refactor webUpdater to remove logic from firmware.ino 5 months ago
  Florian Eitel ed913d740e
Make influxdb and serial feature configurable 5 months ago
  Florian Eitel be334245ff
Refactor sensor interface with extra files and function pointer 5 months ago
  Florian Eitel abcfcd276c
Remove unused Adafruit_Sensor import 5 months ago
  Florian Eitel 2f9bae5622
Refactor ifdef's to be less verbose and better to read 5 months ago
  Florian Eitel f4139b27c8
Update firmware libraries 5 months ago
  Aaron Fischer 92908452fc „firmware/config_user.h.example“ ändern 10 months ago
  Thomas Kopp 449654c250 working without light sensor 10 months ago
  Thomas Kopp b0ec86890d Fixing ifdef logic 10 months ago
  Aaron Fischer dfc2d277d1 Refine the holder 10 months ago
  Aaron Fischer 6553707490 Holder holds a 18650 cell 10 months ago
  Aaron Fischer f6ffaceb9a Add a pcb holder 10 months ago
  klaute c2f1571305 Charge / charging test modified. 11 months ago
  klaute 808cf6a40d Nodemcu board support added. 11 months ago
  Thomas Kopp 2826cbb983 adding series resistors to bat status, minor changes 11 months ago
  Aaron Fischer 11c991e687 Add some hints to reset the credentials. Fixes #16 11 months ago
  Aaron Fischer a90f02583d Fix small silkscreen issues 11 months ago
  Thomas Kopp 44e9b02cf1 latest version 11 months ago
  Aaron Fischer bd95532bc4 Fix a lot of compiler warnings (#MDST) 11 months ago
  Thomas Kopp 639a1205a1 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.okoyono.de:222/oko/weatherstation 11 months ago
  Thomas Kopp ceb9f8e86d Adding spare GPIOs, pads for charge status 11 months ago
  Aaron Fischer 7e51a889fd Add the arduino settings image 11 months ago
  Aaron Fischer f24858d162 Move all dependencies to the repository 11 months ago
  klaute 091ab25196 Fixed typo 11 months ago
  klaute 1b2f55c84d Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.okoyono.de:222/oko/weatherstation 11 months ago
  klaute b4284ccb3c Added user specific humidity/light calculation factor constants. 11 months ago
  Thomas Kopp db6addc33b typo 11 months ago
  Aaron Fischer b850263675 „README.md“ ändern 11 months ago
  klaute 589be0474f Logic fixed for charging/charged pin 11 months ago
  Thomas Kopp 1ea0ea410d Fix limititing number of retries 11 months ago
  klaute 94550e1743 03962a schematic added 11 months ago
  klaute e869f03c2c Some more constants. 11 months ago
  klaute 29c52d0a34 Fixed influxdb write 11 months ago
  klaute 2bdc615ddb Some logic fixes 11 months ago
  klaute ef2a6c15de Timeout constant values are used now. 11 months ago
  klaute 740bfc600b Battery charging states added. 11 months ago
  klaute 87fe6c6e7a Added battery charging states. 11 months ago
  Aaron Fischer 1f1bd3d19b Add solarpanel holder 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer 11d5d27167 Change PCB to square 1 year ago
  klaute f0974e6e79 Update 'firmware/sensors.ino' 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer a11f8aef4f Lumen -> Lux 1 year ago
  klaute b5a7b36869 user config example updated 1 year ago
  klaute 96894fbc39 Fixed compilation errors... config_user.h includes twice. 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp 1cef0e43c8 Clean up power settings logic 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp 07ed99f9a2 Pushing only valid values 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp dcc4ce9290 minor changes 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp 796f620135 changing some tracks, using GND plane 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer cc93c0ccb0 „README.md“ ändern 1 year ago