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  Aaron Fischer a11f8aef4f Lumen -> Lux 1 year ago
  klaute b5a7b36869 user config example updated 1 year ago
  klaute 96894fbc39 Fixed compilation errors... config_user.h includes twice. 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp 1cef0e43c8 Clean up power settings logic 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp 07ed99f9a2 Pushing only valid values 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp dcc4ce9290 minor changes 1 year ago
  Thomas Kopp 796f620135 changing some tracks, using GND plane 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer cc93c0ccb0 „README.md“ ändern 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer ab31e30a95 „README.md“ ändern 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer 90bdce324f Finish the pcb design (hopefully) 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer c8dbbd380e Make a nice PCB to hold the components on the board 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer a113ec3be8 Add a pic fro mthe actual weather station 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer 5d1f8a1339 Update 'README.md' 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer d26ad67cbc Add a little readme 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer 5febab2eae Add a handy dandy big picture 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer d9256c2194 Remove humidity * 2 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer 169bd36c3d Allow user specific modifications 1 year ago
  klaute ec349aec13 disabled debugging 1 year ago
  klaute 7bb62b5e4e Fixed anemometer read and humidity value. 1 year ago
  klaute c1b19add3b Update 'firmware/firmware.ino' 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer 6c6f568ab1 Add some images 1 year ago
  klaute dd7054d853 Fix for 03962a board 1 year ago
  klaute a95f5c648e Fix for 03962a board 1 year ago
  klaute 53c6bbcb6c Fix for 03962 board 1 year ago
  klaute 5ebbd6377c Fix for 03962 board 1 year ago
  klaute 845e637c59 manual merge 1 year ago
  Aaron Fischer 82e450708a More energy saving features 1 year ago
  klaute 7be4fe23ab HT stopfen modifies. Some improvements in the firmare. 2 years ago
  klaute 3c2eb795ff Dateien hochladen nach 'hardware' 2 years ago
  klaute e3327a54e9 influxdb ip replaced by hostname. 2 years ago
  klaute d744fffeb0 InfluxDB hostname replaced by IP v4 address. Added a config setup portal timeout. 2 years ago
  klaute a8c40a7e23 Minimum voltage check moved into a separate function. Minimum voltage constant added. 2 years ago
  klaute 984dfc07dd Update 'firmware/firmware.ino' 2 years ago
  klaute e3a9ecc595 Update 'firmware/firmware.ino' 2 years ago
  klaute 1da7da3b64 Changed the measurement interval to 10 minutes. 2 years ago
  klaute 10977e14b7 Powersaving implemented. The web update mechanism is disabled. 2 years ago
  klaute f52e7afc87 Added a reload interval to the main html page. 2 years ago
  klaute cee44bee6b Fixed the main html page. 2 years ago
  klaute 9dd90841a5 Frickelt in a sensor status page. 2 years ago
  klaute c16d431c89 Added the battery voltage code. 2 years ago
  klaute 0f89167450 Added informational links for the battery shield. 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 664cb74c94 Adjust the schematics to reflect the changes from klaute 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 5cdaf48d36 Set connection timeout 2 years ago
  klaute fa1d8689cb Schematic sketch added. 2 years ago
  klaute c47116af89 Main loop timing optimized. 2 years ago
  klaute 0e33d52af4 Comment added: delay of 100ms added to the energy saver dummy code. 2 years ago
  klaute b2d513dcde The update mechanism is now always enabled. 2 years ago
  klaute cf162c9dce WebUpdater documentation updated. 2 years ago
  klaute 5fa712a0cd WebUpdater documentation updated. 2 years ago
  klaute 2a5097b9fd WebUpdater documentation updated. 2 years ago