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  klaute f33a9f098e Working implementation of the OTA (webbased). 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer c6f54ebe36 Add the holder for 3D printing 2 years ago
  klaute b03df134c5 Added the webbased OTA update mechanism. 2 years ago
  klaute 107d9544c0 Dropped the code of the man in the moon. 2 years ago
  klaute 60561224d4 First fully working implementation. But the measured wind speed has to be verified. Added some links for documentation. 2 years ago
  Thomas Kopp d5aee1ca54 Change firmware to use D7 instead of D4 for anemometer 2 years ago
  Thomas Kopp e8d39bbf40 Change anemometer to D7, D4 is used for the onboard LED 2 years ago
  klaute 284e3940ea Bugfix array size 2 years ago
  klaute f7c1d4dee9 Revert "Broken newline removed." 2 years ago
  klaute 814d00f24d Broken newline removed. 2 years ago
  klaute 2fefed97e5 Broken newline removed. 2 years ago
  klaute 0652515727 Added som debug messages 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 729d2b8650 Der stand geht 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 8a4f73d425 add the wong lib 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 1f6bec5ffe Update 'backend/README' 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 1366473f51 Add the docker compose file 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer a6749a22b5 Add the systemd file 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 11c8c9a587 Add the sensor readings #1 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer f6d8abc723 Add influxdb and push the sensor data to the database 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer dd0e2b2e40 Update 'firmware/firmware.ino' 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer c9fd2ad2ac Add reliable wifi connection #2 #3 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 458f69ce5a Add the schematic 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer f5042a3ec4 Implement the anemometer sensor 2 years ago
  Aaron Fischer def78c8f92 Add come notes 3 years ago
  Aaron Fischer 4c174fda5e Lets start ... 3 years ago
  Aaron Fischer da2ee9acab Initial setup. Add some datasheets 3 years ago