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Kai Lauterbach 930bde2619 Added watchdog support. 5 days ago
libraries Libraries 2 months ago WifiManager reset feature added to webUpdater. 1 month ago
config.h Updated ESP reset intervak. Modified code formatting. 1 month ago
config_user.h.example Added watchdog support. 5 days ago
constants.h Moved some parts of config.h to the user config file. Also added a constants header. 1 month ago
firmware.ino Added watchdog support. 5 days ago
influxdb.ino Added millis() logging support - could be used to debug uptime behavior. 1 month ago
sensor_apds9930.ino Just commiting 1 month ago
sensor_apds9960.ino Just commiting 1 month ago
sensor_battery.ino Just commiting 1 month ago
sensor_bme280.ino Temperatur const value added to fix temperature issues. Updated user config example. Fixed wifi setup. 1 month ago
sensor_wind.ino Changed windspeed tp m/s 1 month ago
webUpdater.ino Added millis() logging support - could be used to debug uptime behavior. 1 month ago

øko weatherstatiøn firmware

How to get started with Arduino


Why bundle external libs?

We decided to put these libs inside the project folder, because we have a lot of issues with finding the right libs (some libs need a specific version, some libs have no unique name, some libs are broken, ...). This is not a fine software engineering practice, but it was too much of a hassle to get this right, so we decided to put everything in version control. This way, we also can control the version of the lib, which makes the build process of this project more robust to changes.

You can update the libs using the Arduino IDE.

How to fix error: Can't find file config_user.h?

If you compile the source code and it can't find this file, this is intentional :) You need to create a config_user.h with your own settings. Use the config_user.h.example as a starting point.

How to fix java exception on Serial Port open?

That can happen with openjdk 8. Try a newer openjdk version (>9)

How can I add a new Sensor?

  • Create a file sensor_$sensorname.ino
  • Add flag to config_user.h (don't forget to update config_user.h.example
  • Add initialization method of sensor (should be named sensor_$sensorname_begin() to setup() in firmware.ino guarded with preprocessor flag
  • Create method without parameters returning a float and safe function reference into sensors array

Whats wrong with all the NaN's?

If a sensor does not produce a value the sensor value is Not a Number (NaN). InfluxDB client will filter NaN values before sending the data.

nanf() returns a float NaN. The argument can be used by library implementations to distinguish different NaN values in a implementation-specific manner.