An alternative Ludum Dare entries viewer.
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Check out the source and run lein deps in the root folder to fetch all dependencies. This takes a couple of seconds. After that, you can run the server with lein ring server-headless. Now you can verify that nothing went wrong if you open up the browser and visit There should be nothing displayed because we doesn't fetch any data yet. If that works, we can proceed with the next step and import data. You can leave the terminal open or start the server just from the repl (preferred way).

Run a repl with lein repl in another terminal. Here we can start the server, initiate the database and run the scrape process. First we start the server (if not allready done)

(use 'ldview.repl)

Next, we set up the database and start the fetching process. This take a little time, so make yourself a cup of tea and be proud of yourself to get this far :)

(use 'ldview.tasks.runner)
(in-ns 'ldview.tasks.runner)
(load-competition 28)


You want to make some changes on the codebase? Sure you will, it's clojure! The server is allready online and serving html pages. If you making changes on the code, the browser automatically reload the page after every code change and the repl reloads the code after saving. This is verry handy if you like interactive development. If you in doubt of a good editor, use emacs with the clojure-mode and cider-mode. Use M-x cider-jack-in to run the repl from the editor.


We are two brothers having fun with games in our rare sparetime. We put the stuff we do and made on eventually :)