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powerMC - Energy and Current Measurement System

An ESP32 based energy and current measurement system.

Most of the code is generated by ChatGPT.


The web server is implemented on the ESP32 and provides various endpoints for operation and display of information. Here are the defined URLs and their functions:

URL Paths:

  1. / (Root)

    • Output: HTML page with dynamic content.
    • Return: Webpage with various data and options.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Displays real-time data and provides options for configuration and control.
  2. /json

    • Output: JSON data.
    • Return: JSON object with sensor values and configuration parameters.
    • Format: JSON.
    • Purpose: Provides sensor values and configuration settings in a machine-readable format.

This is an example of a JSON object containing various measurement values and configuration parameters. Here is an explanation of the fields included:

  "busVoltage": 12.35,
  "shuntVoltage": 0.015,
  "current": 0.5,
  "power": 6.175,
  "energy": 100.25,
  "temperature": 25.5,
  "humidity": 45,
  "errorCode": 0,
  "shuntValue": 0.0001,
  "ina226Status": 3,
  "ina226ShuntValue": 0.0002,
  "ina226AlertFlag": 0,
  "ina226AlertLimit": 0,
  "ina226CurrentLSB": 0.0005
  • busVoltage: The voltage at the bus in volts.
  • shuntVoltage: The voltage across the shunt resistor in volts.
  • current: The current consumption in amperes.
  • power: The power in watts.
  • energy: The energy in watt-hours of the attached battery.
  • temperature: The temperature in degrees Celsius.
  • humidity: The humidity in percentage.
  • errorCode: An error code indicating possible error conditions.
  • shuntValue: The value of the shunt resistor in ohms which is used for configuration.
  • ina226Status: The status of the INA226 initialization (setMaxCurrentShunt function call).
  • ina226ShuntValue: The value of the shunt resistor according to the INA226 chip in ohms.
  • ina226AlertFlag: A flag indicating whether a warning has been triggered by the INA226 chip.
  • ina226AlertLimit: The limit value for alerts from the INA226 chip.
  • ina226CurrentLSB: The value of the least significant bit (LSB) for the current according to the INA226 chip in amperes represents the smallest measurable current level that the INA226 chip can detect.

Error codes in errorCode

The variable globalError is used as a bitmask, where each bit represents a specific error condition. Here are the possible error codes and their meanings:

Descriptive Name Value Meaning
ERROR_NONE 0b00000000 No error. The device is functioning properly, there are no errors present.
ERROR_MAX_CURRENT_EXCEEDED 0b00000001 The maximum current consumption has been exceeded. There might be an overload condition on the device.
ERROR_CURRENT_BELOW_MIN 0b00000010 The current consumption is below the permissible minimum. There may be an issue with the power supply.
ERROR_MAX_TEMP_EXCEEDED 0b00000100 The maximum temperature has been exceeded. The device could overheat.
ERROR_TEMP_BELOW_MIN 0b00001000 The temperature is below the permissible minimum. There is a risk of hypothermia or other temperature-related issues.
ERROR_MAX_HUMI_EXCEEDED 0b00010000 The maximum humidity has been exceeded. This could lead to moisture-related problems.
ERROR_HUMI_BELOW_MIN 0b00100000 The humidity is below the permissible minimum. There is a risk of low humidity.
ERROR_INA226_UNCONFIGURED 0b10000000 The configuration settings for the shunt voltage and maximum current exceed the limits of the INA226 library.

Please note that multiple errors can occur simultaneously as the bitmasks can be combined. For example, ERROR_MAX_TEMP_EXCEEDED | ERROR_MAX_HUMI_EXCEEDED could indicate that both the maximum temperature and humidity have been exceeded.

Error codes ina226Status

descriptive name error value meaning
INA226_ERR_NONE 0x0000 OK
INA226_ERR_SHUNTVOLTAGE_HIGH 0x8000 maxCurrent * shunt > 80 mV
INA226_ERR_MAXCURRENT_LOW 0x8001 maxCurrent < 0.001
INA226_ERR_SHUNT_LOW 0x8002 shunt < 0.001
INA226_ERR_NORMALIZE_FAILED 0x8003 not possible to normalize.

Error codes ina226AlertLimit

description alert register value a.k.a.
  1. /config

    • Output: HTML page for configuration.
    • Return: Webpage with form fields for configuring parameters.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Allows users to customize device settings through a web interface.
  2. /saveConfig

    • Output: JSON response.
    • Return: Confirmation message.
    • Format: JSON.
    • Purpose: Saves configuration changes submitted via the configuration form.
  3. /demoMode1

    • Output: Redirect to root.
    • Return: Redirect to root after activating Demo Mode 1.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Initiates Demo Mode 1, simulating a specific charging scenario.
  4. /demoMode2

    • Output: Redirect to root.
    • Return: Redirect to root after activating Demo Mode 2.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Initiates Demo Mode 2, simulating a specific charging scenario.
  5. /demoMode3

    • Output: Redirect to root.
    • Return: Redirect to root after activating Demo Mode 3.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Initiates Demo Mode 3, simulating a specific discharging scenario.
  6. /resetESP

    • Output: HTML page with restart message.
    • Return: HTML page displaying the restart process.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Initiates a restart of the ESP32 device.
  7. /resetWifi

    • Output: HTML page with reset message.
    • Return: HTML page displaying the process to reset the Wi-Fi configuration.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Resets the Wi-Fi configuration and restarts the device.
  8. /updateFirmware

    • Output: HTML page with firmware update options.
    • Return: HTML page displaying firmware update options.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Provides options for updating the device firmware.
  9. /updateFirmwareAction

    • Output: HTML page with update status.
    • Return: HTML page displaying the firmware update process.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Initiates the firmware update process and displays the current update status in real-time.
  10. /readUpdateFirmwareStatus

    • Output: HTML page with update status.
    • Return: HTML page displaying the current firmware update status.
    • Format: HTML.
    • Purpose: Provides the current update status during the firmware update process in real-time.
  11. /css

    • Output: Custom CSS styles.
    • Return: CSS styles for the HTML pages.
    • Format: CSS.
    • Purpose: Provides style templates for the HTML pages.

These URL paths form a basic API for interacting with the ESP32 device, allowing users to display real-time data, configure settings, initiate demo modes, and update the firmware.



The configureIna226() function configures the INA226 sensor with specific settings.


  1. Set Minimal Shunt:

    • Description: Overwrites the INA226_ERR_SHUNT_LOW parameter with a minimal shunt value. The ina226 library default values is 0.001.
    • Code: ina226.setMinimalShunt(0.0001);
  2. Set Maximum Current Shunt:

    • Description: Sets the maximum current shunt value with normalization (3rd parameter set to true) to 3 floating-point accuracy.
    • Code:
      ina226Status = ina226.setMaxCurrentShunt(current ampere, shunt ohm, true);
  3. Set Averaging:

    • Description: Sets the averaging mode to use 16 samples for building an average value.
    • Code: ina226.setAverage(2);

Used libraries (Arduino)

  • WiFi at version 2.0.0
  • ESP32httpUpdate at version 2.1.145
  • HTTPClient at version 2.0.0
  • WiFiClientSecure at version 2.0.0
  • Update at version 2.0.0
  • FS at version 2.0.0
  • SPIFFS at version 2.0.0
  • WebServer at version 2.0.0
  • ArduinoJson at version 7.0.2
  • WiFiManager at version 2.0.16-rc.2
  • DNSServer at version 2.0.0
  • EEPROM at version 2.0.0
  • Wire at version 2.0.0
  • INA226 at version 0.5.2 (zip file in repository modified by me)
  • Adafruit GFX Library at version 1.11.9
  • Adafruit BusIO at version 1.15.0
  • SPI at version 2.0.0
  • Adafruit SSD1306 at version 2.5.9
  • Adafruit Unified Sensor at version 1.1.14
  • Adafruit BME280 Library at version 2.2.4

Use the modified INA226 zip file from the repository to support shunt resistors down to 0.0001 Ohm.