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  klaute 48f034f0a4 'README.me' ändern 2 years ago
  klaute fd6e80a746 Some improvements done in the schematics. 2 years ago
  klaute d774850054 Update 'firmware/firmware.ino' 2 years ago
  klaute 461ce740a4 Update 'firmware/firmware.ino' 2 years ago
  klaute 48c40411d0 Last pins connected to the TFT port. Some parts moved around the schematic. 2 years ago
  klaute d8b7b767e2 ILI9351 TFT pinheader connected (incomplete). 2 years ago
  klaute 37aef95e34 Send 16/32 bit functions and read 16/32 bit from buffer functions added - to reduce complexity. 2 years ago
  klaute d12c75fa00 Complexity of the cc measurement function reduced by using an early return. 2 years ago
  klaute 075c570cae Some more duplicat code refactorized / reduced. 2 years ago
  klaute 03a0135f20 Some redundant core refactorized. 2 years ago
  klaute 6eb1e9a5dd Merge branch 'clk_calib' 2 years ago
  klaute 21d5fb58dc Two new functions added to set and get the clock correction factor to the si5351 chip. Also replaced the a0 a1 labels with fwd and ref text. 2 years ago
  klaute 458e1f0c2f Added a new pinheader to connect the ili9341 TFT display. 2 years ago
  klaute 9ab691f081 'firmware/command_ctrl.ino' ändern 2 years ago
  klaute 3f85812f56 'firmware/command_ctrl.ino' ändern 2 years ago
  klaute e28075bea9 Debug output removed from measurement script. 2 years ago
  klaute 5c71cc6606 Fixed the CSV file output/generation. 2 years ago
  klaute 59b82fbb30 The graph is now shown during the measurement progress. 2 years ago
  klaute f1ef87a429 Fixed the headline of output CSV files. 2 years ago
  klaute 68ba2a0daf Removed some unused scripts - new allband scan script added. 2 years ago
  klaute f7735d098d 'tools/all_band_test' hinzufügen 2 years ago
  klaute ef5a08ca42 File headed added. 2 years ago
  klaute 31b88cb369 RF control added to the meas script. 2 years ago
  klaute 7a5140b313 Added missing frequency set calls to the rf generator output. 2 years ago
  klaute ac9f77d8d5 Added a commandline parapeter to the meas script to trigger the save default values functionality. 2 years ago
  klaute 1e4e3d22d8 Added three new functions to enable/disable clock output and save the current settings as default values to thr EEPROM. The firmware reads out those values on startup. 2 years ago
  klaute 6a4c134ca4 Yagi example scan added. 2 years ago
  klaute 8b5a859814 Some new sample measurements added. 2 years ago
  klaute e98520237d The graphical output of the received data looks better now. 2 years ago
  klaute 25114f4350 Some more analog read optimizations done - the measurement should be some kind of noise free. 2 years ago
  klaute 82a8606616 More information added to the schematic file. 2 years ago
  klaute 59db509512 Some new sample measurements added. 2 years ago
  klaute a0bcc0f219 New sample data added. 2 years ago
  klaute d470dd9d91 Script output modified to get it much more userfriendly. 2 years ago
  klaute 7f9a28061e Marking lowest 5 VSWR point marking operation fixed. 2 years ago
  klaute 29a93cfda8 The mathplotlib output modified to show multiple subplots. A new capacitor added to the schematics. 2 years ago
  klaute 829871567f Linux serial open bug fixed. 2 years ago
  klaute 2ceacc0a90 Labels added to the graphical output. 2 years ago
  klaute fdf31f0ce3 Update 'tools/meas.py' 2 years ago
  klaute 32706429b9 Impedance calculation fixed. Two new sample data files added. 2 years ago
  klaute d859ab1aad Serial port naming for windows machines fixed. 2 years ago
  klaute 2b9ec977a1 Merge branch 'master' of git.okoyono.de:klaute/SWRMeter 2 years ago
  klaute 76cc8a2828 Windows specific serial port open bug fixed. 2 years ago
  klaute 8ce6ddc869 Update 'tools/meas.py' 2 years ago
  klaute a2e59d7a61 Open document file added - sample measurement analysis. 2 years ago
  klaute fe3ae798d3 a0 and a1 is added to the csv file output generator routine. 2 years ago
  klaute 3f04957bd3 Sample data added - the hardware seemes to be working now. 2 years ago
  klaute 92f0a18b6d Readme information improved. 2 years ago
  klaute db4c2dab13 Schmatics of the si5351 breakout board added. 2 years ago
  klaute 7e9c8b086e firmware: Analog read was to shaky, the number of read per millisecond is now increased to 20. meas.py: Some modifications to get the output more userfriendly. CSV output is implemented now. 2 years ago