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Aaron Fischer 0e0bed150d
Merge branch 'walterhiggins:master' into master 1 year ago
Walter Higgins 8b404f3474 Integrating changes from @tonygravagno PR #346 5 years ago
Walter Higgins 4c28000daf updating release notes for 3.2.1 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 890ffb0c17 using spigot-1.11.2 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 03cba5c426 fixing block comma problems and update to 3.2.1 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 67f84d7b5e Documenting Drone.MAX_SIDE and Drone.MAX_VOLUME 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 207d922767 Fix issue #243 and autoindent blocks.js 6 years ago
Walter Higgins f35fd111fb Merge pull request #315 from TonyGravagno/master 6 years ago
BuildTools 4349785ea4 merged 6 years ago
BuildTools 7701c6783c Merge branch 'master' into development 6 years ago
BuildTools f60c8ef96d fixes issue #306 - removed warning for plugins/scriptcraft folder 6 years ago
BuildTools d7758897d3 Updating spawn and entities documentation 6 years ago
BuildTools 9b113e2c9b fix issue #312 - updated slash docs and code 6 years ago
BuildTools 18add90fff removing older spigot 6 years ago
BuildTools 4887fab4bf fix spawn doc links and support entities autocomplete 6 years ago
BuildTools 562499c79b updating spigot to 1.11 6 years ago
Tony Gravagno 7b6bed6fa1 generateTOC has preliminary disabled code for evaluation by Walter. Would like to know if it's worth pursuing. 6 years ago
Tony Gravagno e6c95ecb80 Merge pull request #1 from walterhiggins/master 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 0aebd5fa95 Merge pull request #311 from tclavier/patch-2 6 years ago
Walter Higgins bd0baa30a7 Merge pull request #310 from marcvangend/patch-1 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 6b92532cde Merge pull request #298 from ekellener/master 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 975bb733fa Merge pull request #297 from kabiroberai/master 6 years ago
Walter Higgins f2f28a55fe Merge pull request #294 from ChristianRiis/patch-1 6 years ago
Thomas Clavier fba1c2f2df Update 6 years ago
marcvangend 063aebcfd5 Fix broken heading #introduction 6 years ago
walterhiggins bc2ab2993a fix heading level 6 years ago
walterhiggins be649e36ce Merge branch 'master' of 6 years ago
walterhiggins d169f492de Updating Young Person's Guide to use SpigotMC and fixed missing/broken events helper calls. 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 9b0ade78ef Update license.txt 6 years ago
walterhiggins 350230b622 change order of events-related documentation 6 years ago
walterhiggins 9f7cdaab08 fixes issue #304 6 years ago
walterhiggins b330f06ea4 adding link to canarymod version of howling-blocks 6 years ago
walterhiggins b1237b88b2 added howling-blocks.js example to 6 years ago
Walter Higgins 849cac769b Update 6 years ago
walterhiggins 26933f0940 adding spigot-1.10.2.jar as target 6 years ago
walterhiggins 246014fe09 Updating to use SpigotMC instead of CanaryMod 6 years ago
walterhiggins 81f1666943 Built with Spigot 1.10.2 6 years ago
Erik 8c224e2565 Fixed updatePlayerScore correctly update the score 6 years ago
kabiroberai bb6bdbd57d Fixed a typo in entities.js 7 years ago
Christian Riis 4be10dfa8f Update request.js 7 years ago
Walter Higgins 5a936bab20 Merge pull request #293 from KidsProgramming/BUG_example_commandtestjs 7 years ago
Walter Higgins a3ae45a13e Merge pull request #292 from alex-teren/patch-1 7 years ago
Ruud Schramp 1122c2ef23 Small error in demo code, index missing 7 years ago
Alexander 2905d262ce Add missed dots 7 years ago
walterhiggins 65157383aa fix docs for sounds for Spigot 1.9 7 years ago
walterhiggins e5eae2108a fix issues #256 and #287 7 years ago
walterhiggins 8bc648ec29 Fix issue #256 and fix issue #287 7 years ago
walterhiggins c036e38f37 Merge branch 'MrVoltz-requireCacheAccess' 7 years ago
walterhiggins f9f60f7702 Merge branch 'requireCacheAccess' of into MrVoltz-requireCacheAccess 7 years ago
walterhiggins f2a7d82b18 updated API docs based on comments in #284 7 years ago